“Not Far Enough”


I really only have to say that word and those who know what it refers to will start getting goosebumps. But, to enlighten those who may have no idea what I am referencing, I shall explain.

Interstellar is the new Adventure/Sci-Fi feature film that is being released to theaters in the U.S. on November 7th. It is an original work written and directed by Christopher Nolan. If you do not know who Chris Nolan is, he is the amazingly talented movie director that directed the latest batman series (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), Momento, Insomnia and The Prestige. Chris Nolan was also the director on another hollywood masterpiece, Inception.

I mentioned earlier this movie is an “original work”. What that means is there is no movie, or book, or story that this is based on. It is entirely imagined by the writers creative abilities. Inception was Chris Nolan’s most recent original work; which was unbelievably creative and contained absolutely mind-blowing cinematography. The Interstellar trailer is packed to the brim with cinematography that will blow your socks off. Chris Nolan truly knows how to work with his director of photography (DP) to create majestic visualizations on the screen.

In the trailer, the main character, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, says a line that really got me thinking. “Not Far Enough,” says Cooper, an astronaut referring to the distance they have traveled in space. When I heard that line, I just immediately thought to myself, that may have been Chris Nolan’s inspiration to making this movie. If I was ever on a set with him, I could picture him saying, “We’ve advanced the film industry to amazing things, but just not far enough.” Of course that is just speculation, but it could potentially be true. He truly has the ability to go far beyond what the average person expects; and through his creativity and imagination, he is able to depict jaw-dropping, awe-striking cinematic stories through film. 


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