Let’s Put an End to Bad Ads

We’ve all seen them. Terrible advertisements that make us cringe are seen by populations every day. Channels are changed, pages are turned, and money is wasted. Is making a decent ad such a difficult task? The answer is no, and here is how to avoid them:

1.) Borrowed interest- Don’t try to combine the main purpose of your ad with disconnected ideas in order to try to seem more appealing, it’s just annoying.

2.) Event sales- No one cares about the fact that you’re having a sale to celebrate National Hot Dog Day. Just have the sale and be done with it. And just because everyone else is celebrating the holiday with a sale, it doesn’t mean you have to, try to stand out.

3.) Ego trips- Self confidence is one thing, being full of yourself is another. We know you think you are great, and you want other people to think you are great too; but there is a fine line between the two extremes, so walk it with caution ad balance.

4.) Different media, different ads- Make sure that there is a cohesiveness to the ads you run across the different types of media. Remember, brand recognition is important and necessary.

5.) Advertise everywhere- Be creative about where you advertise, and advertise in places that are most likely to be reached by your audience. Don’t just hope that you will reach people who watch television by putting out a TV commercial. Did I hear someone say “boring”? General ads are a waste of money.

6.) Overdoing the ads- Ever heard of less is more? That applies here too. It is much better to have one or two out-of-this world ads than it is to have six mediocre (terrible) ones. If there is anything you learn from this blog post, PLEASE let it be this tip.

It is perfectly okay to pour your soul into an advertisement of any kind, and then once complete, take a step back and realize it is trash. It won’t benefit you unless it is done well.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Put an End to Bad Ads

  1. I really enjoyed this post Calli! I can think of so many “cringe” worthy ads I’ve seen in the past month and it always makes me think about how it could have been done differently. I really liked your point about stepping back and looking at your finished product because I feel like that is a big step a lot of people miss. It’s great to show your own personal creativity but you must be objective as well.


  2. I really liked this Calli! It is a very interesting and helpful resource. As an Ad/PR major I am so critical of Advertisements. I catch myself critiquing every ad I see. All of these points are something we are taught and it should be second nature to those in the advertising world.


  3. I wanted to yell “preach” multiple times throughout this blog. Your first point is a personal pet peeve of mine. I hate being sucked into an advertisement thinking it is something I am interested in only to find out that the picture or tag line has nothing to do with the product. Thanks for informing about this subject.


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