“Keep Calm and Carry On” and Stay Organized…

“Keep Calm and Carry On”. I will literally tell myself this multiple times a day. It has kind of become my mantra for these last two years of college, and I’ll tell you why. Life as a college student can get crazy. Between trying to have a personal life and write an eight page paper (that you totally forgot about until twenty minutes ago), keeping your head above water is sometimes extremely difficult. Now this is where my personal experience and my “keep calm” mantra come into play.

For the longest time, I was NOT an organized person. I got my work done and made really good grades, but what could have totally saved me pulling out my hair was planning ahead and being organized. I always felt like I was scrambling or rushing around to get things accomplished. I used to just tell myself, “It’s fine, you work better under pressure any way.” No, actually I don’t. And the turing point that made me realize this was when I started my first actual job. It showed me the immense importance of time management and organization. Starting these habits now of staying on top of your work will greatly benefit you when you transition into the workplace. This is why when I came across this article on Ragan’s PR Daily, entitled “5 simple tactics to keep you organized”, I knew I had to share. I know that somewhere out there, someone else has felt the “scrambling” feeling just like I have in the past, whether that was during school or a job. But rest assured, this article will leave you inspired and ready to approach tomorrow with a Moleskine planner in hand.

Ps. I own a Moleskine planner, and I would be lost without it. It has changed my life and I am forever grateful.


3 thoughts on ““Keep Calm and Carry On” and Stay Organized…

  1. Brantly Houston says:

    This is definitely relevant to those of us who are wanting to go into the PR field! I’ve read that days in our field are fast-paced and jam packed. Having a daily planner definitely helps.


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