Jaguar’s Latest Stunt

Last month, Jaguar executed a new way of launching their new cars: by having one carried by a helicopter throughout London. As we all know, helicopters are very loud and always draw attention. It makes sense that a helicopter carrying a car would draw even more attention. The stunt drew lots of attention from Londoners on Twitter.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant way to spread the news about a new car. Commercials are outdated. Even if you have a cutting edge commercial, the best way to get viewers is to put it before a YouTube video and not provide the ‘skip ad’ option. Flying your brand new car around one of the biggest cities in the world is going to guarantee you many more viewers than a commercial these days. Plus, no one has ever done this. Jaguar’s competitors are going to have a hard time trying to top this stunt.

This was marketed very well. Obviously Jaguar wanted to catch people’s attention. However, the people who actually buy Jaguars are upper class and successful in their business. They are people who are always looking for the next big thing for their career and business. They are people who are always wanting to find a way to get ahead. Jaguar really spoke to them with this move because there is no denying launching new cars in creative ways is the next big things for major car brands. This was also a great way for Jaguar to get ahead. It is clear that they really did their homework on trying to relate to their target audience and managed to reach the general public.


4 thoughts on “Jaguar’s Latest Stunt

  1. kas08b says:

    That would certainly catch my attention, much more so if it were in an area as populated as London. What an out of the box way to advertise.


  2. Tommy says:

    I think this, along with their “Villain’s drive Jaguars” commercial is generating a ton of hype by making the car a “James Bod-eqsue” car.


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