Girl (buying) power

We’ve all sat in Haley’s Principles class and admired the Dove “True Beauty” campaign, and its power to capture our hearts and souls, but Adweek claims it is capturing our dollar too.

Recently, more and more girl-power ads have been showing up on our flat screens and newsfeeds. “Fem-vertising” not only gets us talking, but it gets us buying. Adweek says that ads like Always’ “Like a Girl” generate not only profit, but brand loyalty.

In the article, Adweek comments on how advertisers often capitalize on making women feel insecure, or less-than, in an attempt to sell their products. This article points out that by doing the opposite, and empowering young women, the advertisers are actually selling more.

“In a survey conducted by SheKnows, 71 percent of women said brands should be use their ads to promote positive messages to women and girls, while 81 percent said pro-female ads are important for younger generations to see.”

This is good news for future generations of women. If advertisers and brands can recognize that women have the buying power, prefer uplifting advertising messages and will be loyal to such brands, than the future woman has a hope of feeling better about herself after picking up a magazine.

I don’t know about you, but this article reminded me to be intentionally brand-loyal to those who are choosing to empower women. Although the ads have not changed my previous purchasing decisions, if we make it a point to buy into female empowerment, we just may change the way women are portrayed in the media.


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