From ink to link: the journalistic jump to the internet


The filed of journalism has long been considered a filed enduring loss and recession. A field that has seen grave impact over the years. Yet, the fact of the matter is that journalism is not dead, to be honest it is not even dying, rather adapting.

Since the birth of the internet, the filed of journalism has endured changes all across the world. The days of spreading the news through the pages of a regularly circulating newspaper or magazine has become extinct. Rather, with the internet becoming an encyclopedia of any type of information available to anyone at any time, the general public has found websites to be the location of their news sources. News outlets have caught on.

Over the last ten plus years, major news outlets, quickly followed by smaller market media outlets, began pushing their online content and quality more than their print product. The media began pushing its online prescience, forcing more stories and pictures onto their website for more eyes to see. At first, there was great speculation and criticism, but looking back, those outlets that first realized online was where the news was going are the ones who have survived this transition.

Again, the news is faced with yet another transition, except this time it involves social media. It is clearer now more than ever that web users are spending a good majority of their internet time on social media websites. Facebook, twitter, instagram along with other social media platforms have risen to the top of the most visited website lists. So yet again, the news has been forced to adapt.

News networks who not only have established a strong online presence, but have become active on cites that people are going to are the ones that have their content viewed at a high level and are relied on for news. By putting content out there for viewers, the news outlets let the general public know who was the most reliable outlet to go to and which ones were the most current and updated.


One thought on “From ink to link: the journalistic jump to the internet

  1. I definitely agree that news is having to adapt to an online presence. I have read that, like you said, many news outlets like The New York Times, are focusing in on their online stories more than their front page newspaper stories.


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