The Future You Ad Campaign

European telecommunications giant Orange has a new ad campaign out that is not only causing a ton of buzz but also pushing the boundaries of advertising’s technology.

Jam3 and Publicis Conseil banded together to create a new interactive software that allows its user to upload a current picture of themselves and then see themselves in the year 2035. The user can then interact with “future them” and ask questions about what their lives look like in the future.

Orange created the campaign in an attempt to seem hip and current to millennials, who are soon to be the biggest money market. Their campaign not only succeeded but has gained them national attention- and for good reason. The technology is both a little unnerving but also extremely interesting. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t want to see future them and ask a few questions?

This campaign is innovative, bright, and ahead of its time (pun intended) and I don’t know that I could be any more impressed with it. Orange has managed to make a campaign that generates buzz worthiness, pushes the limits of what technology in advertising can do, AND hit relevancy with its target audience.

Staying ahead and with the game has always been the challenge for all brands but it is especially important in the technology and communications fields. The “Future Self” campaign has also overridden the few other campaigns like it and captured full audience attention. This use of futuristic and technological advertising is so smart and very, very well done.


2 thoughts on “The Future You Ad Campaign

  1. Whoa! This sounds so cool! I definitely want to try it out.
    I think that this is definitely paving the way for new advertising technology. There are many companies doing similarly advanced things in their advertisements to reach the ultimate goal (making consumers look at them in the midst of all the crazy easy to glaze over ads). I’m glad that the advertising industry is more in-depth now. It’s always interesting to see how creative advertisers can be when the limitations of tight budgets and time are taken away.
    Being in the advertising era of engagement is intriguingly insightful!


  2. Wow this is so interesting! I was actually so intrigued by the concept that I went and tried it myself after reading your post. It is a very cool idea. The ways they incorporated technology into an advertising campaign that would also captivate their audience is impressive. I think that staying modern and up-to-date with everything else in the world is especially crucial for advertisers. As technology develops, advertisers should be looking for ways to incorporate it just as Orange has.


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