Truth: Share a secret you’ve never shared. #5TruthOrDare

Dare: Sleep without your cell phone next to you.

Truth: What was the scariest moment you have experienced in your life?

For as long as I can remember, Wrigley’s 5 has been my gum of choice. I’m somewhat partial to the green packaged “Rain” variety. Whether it be at the grocery store or the gas station, I always pick up a package.

A few months ago I started noticing “truth or dare” questions and commands on each of the wrappers. This makes for a fun little conversation every time my boyfriend asks me for a piece of gum (which happens quite often).

As an advertising student, I found myself wanting to learn more about this #5TruthOrDare campaign strategy that Wrigley was using. If you visit their campaign website you can see pictures of other loyal 5 gum chewers and the completion of their truth or dare tasks.

I spent quite a bit of time looking at different dares that have been completed. These dares range from “Share a pic of this pack using the Kelvin filter on Instagram. #5TruthOrDare” to “Put your arm over the person next to you and take a selfie. #5TruthOrDare.”

This advertising campaign was genius, not only because 5 gum is gaining more and more earned advertising by the second all over every social media platform, but also because (if any other consumer is anything like myself) their gum sales are surely going through the roof. I find myself chewing more gum just to take out another piece and ask the person next to me “truth or dare.”


5 thoughts on “#5TruthOrDare

  1. I think it was also a really good move for 5 Gum because their consumer base is people like you and me! We enjoy the experiences of products as much as the product itself. And I have to agree that free advertising is the best advertising especially when social media is the platform!


  2. I’ve heard about this campaign in quite a few of my classes this semester. It’s definitely gaining ground.
    I think that it is veryyyy creative in the engagement category of advertisement. What a simple way to start up conversations, get people involved via social media, and get outsiders interested. I think the campaign very brilliantly engages consumers and gets them to purchase the product, while just humbly printing creative challenges on wrappers.
    It’s certainly tempting to go out and increase their revenue by buying a pack myself!


  3. aes11a says:

    I think that this campaign is very smart for 5 Gum. It is a perfect way to engage their target audience in a fun and quick way. This doesn’t take the consumer very much time to look at the truth and the dares, and the way that they are using social media in this campaign makes it that much better. It engages consumers with other consumers as well as the company with consumers. I think that this campaign fits their ideal target market perfectly, and I think that it was very well done.


  4. Great post! I honestly do not normally buy 5 Gum but after this post I will definitely be grabbing a pack the next time i am at the store! I think this was such a great campaign strategy for Wrigley’s 5 Gum. Not only are they perfectly marketing to their target audience’s spontaneous sense and adventurous nature but they are also creating buzz about their brand. Anything that can encourage consumers to talk positively and post content freely about your brand, is a good thing. They definitely analyzed their target audience and found the perfect way to target them while gaining earned media for themselves. Smart move for Wrigley.


  5. Like Kinsey, after reading this post I want to buy some gum just to join the fun. Usually with clever campaigns like this you see competitors trying to copy it. I think this is an awesome move for Wrigley and I can’t help but wonder what their competitors will do to keep up or if it will be successful.


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