Making engaging Facebook posts

The organizations you work with may call for very different social media strategies. The best ones will take into account what research shows is effective and will break the rules if there’s a compelling reason for your organization to do so. The readings for today focused on:

  • choosing appropriate content (heavy on images but favoring simplicity)
  • engaging audience through questions and comments
  • sharing discounts, promotions, and coupons
  • driving the audience to your website
  • balancing the types of content you present
  • making timely posts that capitalize on an event, time, or date
  • knowing when your audience is online
  • using Facebook analytics tools to your advantage
  • picking the right time and day — and how many times a day and days per week — to post
  • writing posts of the ideal length for engagement

That’s a lot of how-to instructions. Similar information is available to maximize Twitter engagement. These are the types of things that a successful social media strategy will account for. We will go through plenty of examples in class today that demonstrate these approaches to posting on Facebook.


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