Journalistic integrity

Every week I write the scripts for the JMC Network Newscast. When writing the scripts for the news cast, I want to make the writing interesting, yet truthful. However, how does one make a script interesting to your audience, while still continuing to relay trustworthy news?

Kenneth Pybus edits my newscast scripts every week before we shoot. When introducing a package about Highland Church of Christ adding a instrumental service, I wrote, “Highland church, a local abilene church, who’s denomination is church of christ, is now offering an instrumental service. Bianca Luna has more on this controversial decision.”

Kenneth questioned my use of the word controversial because all though it may be true for some, that the decision to add an instrumental service was controversial, it may also sound as if I am voicing my own opinion on the subject.

We wanted to make sure that the word choice I used remained unbiased, yet conveyed an interesting introduction into the story, as to why adding this service was newsworthy.

In the end, it was necessary for us to use the word, to convey the newsworthiness of the story, while remaining unbiased.

I have found that the way I remain unbiased in writing news scripts is to ask myself whether or not adjectives I’m using are essential to telling the story, or whether they are just my personal preference.


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