What Does It Mean To Be A Wedding Coordinator?

What does that mean exactly? Honestly, the definiton changes with every client. Everyone is different and requires different needs. Coordinating weddings is unpredictable and is always changing, which is, in my opinion, why it is challenging.

So this is a brief summary of what exactly wedding coordinators do…

The first meeting with the client is to set the stage. It is a chance for the coordinator to figure out exactly what the client is expecting from them and to hear the clients initial ideas. A wedding coordinator should always offer either “Day of Coordination” or “Full Service Coordination”. Both are very different, however one involves more details.

Day of Coordination:

Pre wedding-it is the coordinators job to ensure the day goes as smooth as possible. Before the wedding the coordinator should contact all the vendors the client has chosen to use and make sure everyone is on the same page as far as delivery times and what is to be delivered.

It is also a good idea to create a timeline of the day. So the wedding party, DJ and photographer are all on the same page. We wouldn’t want the photographer missing an important moment.

The coordinator is also in charge of the rehearsal. Everyone is going to be anxious so explaining where everyone needs to stand and the timeline of the ceremony will help take away some of that anxiety.

Wedding Day-It is the coordinators job to make sure the entire day runs smoothly. The coordinator should be available to the vendors for proper setup instructions and to answer any questions. As well as making sure the bridal party is comfortable and on time.

The reception is all about keeping on the schedule. You don’t want time to run out and the bride and groom weren’t able to do something they had requested. It also important to make sure the guests are accommodated and enjoying themselves.

Full Service Coordination:

Full service coordination includes everything listed above as well as the months of planning prior to the day.

Discussing the budget and sticking to it is key. It is the coordinators job to make sure the bride gets everything she wants to make her day a dream come true as well as keeping everything under a certain amount.

The primary duty as a wedding coordinator is to satisfy the concerns that the bride had when she decided to look for a wedding planner.


2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Be A Wedding Coordinator?

  1. mrh10f says:

    I loved reading this blog post. It really gave me an insight and helpful tips on what it means to be a wedding coordinator. I agree with what you said about how coordinating a wedding changes with every client. I’ve helped with a few weddings and I completely agree with that!


  2. Like most people (I’m sure), I have always thought that wedding planning would be relatively simple. That is until this summer. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding (you know all about that) and it was amazing to see the wedding planner at work. There are just so many details, it’s insane! I have a great respect for people who plan weddings and essentially have every aspect of the wedding (good or bad) on their shoulders.
    It’s very interesting how much there is to do. With the caterers, the cake, the music, the guests, the decorations, I would just be so overwhelmed. The thing I really find interesting is how many wonderfully deep connections wedding planners have and how easily the manage crisis! I’m glad that you are stepping into this and able to handle it. I know that the passion you must have for wedding plans is very high!


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