NYC PR Girls Blog Has Taken Over My Life….

“NYC PR Girls” blog was mentioned in class the other day (thank you to whoever brought it up, because it is my new favorite thing) and now I can’t stop reading it. I knew it would be something I was interested in, being a Ad/PR major, wanting to work in PR, plus wanting to live in the city someday. But what I didn’t know was what a wealth of information it was going to provide. I have learned so much more about PR just by reading this blog. Not only are their post inspirational, but they break down a lot of the common questions and concerns PR professionals face, even if you don’t live in Manhattan. Now guys, I’m going to warn you, this is a total girl’s blog, but if you are really interested in PR, they really do list some great information and tips, just ignore the pinterest like pictures of Christian Louboutin heels. Finding a blog about a career path you are interested in taking is a really great way to stay inspired and possibly answer some of those burning questions you have that have yet to be answered in one of your majors classes. In reading this blog I have been really encouraged about pursuing my career in PR and it has opened my eyes to different parts of PR that I had never even thought of looking into. So with all this too be said, find a blog you love that inspires you, and when you need that little extra motivation late at night while you are questioning your career choice, start scrolling through because you never know what you can find when you look for it.

And if you want to check out the amazing blog I just spent 10 minutes rambling about, click here.


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