I do not plan on using my degree to acquire a job after graduating. Maybe I will decide otherwise in 10 years or so, but once I receive my diploma, it’s going in a box in a storage unit.

Through commercial fishing in Alaska in the summer, my eyes were opened to a new world. It’s called being a seasonal worker. The beauty is I can put in three (hard) months of work and then travel to a foreign country and stretch my dollar for the remaining months before I return to work again.

My current plan is to fish in Alaska May through September and then relocate to Indonesia with my best friend Grant (who will be graduating from Texas Tech in May).

Grant is a very wise person that you won’t forget after meeting him. I visited him in Lubbock after returning from working all summer. He told me about a new program he was participating in called CouchSurfing.

By visiting CouchSurfing‘s website, I started to dive into a beautiful social experiment. By setting up a profile, you share some information about yourself and your house’s setup (how many couches are available, dog friendliness, and general accommodation information). Traveling individuals can enter a destination in the search bar and (hopefully) a list is aggregated of all the hosts in the area. From there you can message the host and request to stay at their place (usually for no price at all)!

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.51.26 PM

I went camping this weekend at Guadelupe River State Park. Today as we were leaving and I came into service again, I had a notification that a traveler had contacted me and requested to stay at my house. The girl, Katie, is in her early 20s and she is traveling with her friend, Steven. They are from Alabama and are en route to Arizona.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.52.27 PM

I have not asked why, but I let her know there is space available for the both of them. I’m excited because these are my first two surfers. I look forward to hearing about their lives, travels, and adventures. There is so much to be learned through the experiences of others, and this is a perfect opportunity to house a couple people and do just that.

You can bet that once I make the move to Indonesia, the first few nights will be spent on the couch of a host from!!

I highly encourage you to look into CouchSurfing and take advantage of the experiences and people provided through the service!


2 thoughts on “CouchSurfing

  1. This is one of the coolest online services I have ever seen! I cannot believe I have never heard of this before reading this post. As I am about to graduate and attempt to make it in the film industry, I can imagine that I may be creating an account with couchsurfing.
    I am also encouraged by your enthusiasm and drive to do what you desire upon graduation. I am constantly impacted by a consistent worry and fear of uncertainty that comes with working in the film industry. To read about your plan to move to Indonesia, when you’re not fully sure of what may happen when you arrive, is motivating for me. Also, with your revealing of couchsurfing, I’m feeling a little bit better in terms of finding places to stay when I travel to various places PA’ing for films. 🙂


  2. kas08b says:

    That’s awesome man. I couldn’t believe what being confined to a ship for three months would be like.
    I also find couchsurfing a incredibly useful website. Thanks for your post!


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