Comedy star Oliver adds journalism to show

John Oliver, host of the HBO comedy show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, has begun to incorporate real, hard-hitting journalism to his late night show, according to With other comedy hosts stars such as Colbert, Stewart, O’Brien and others already incorporating a comical take on current events, Oliver is taking a step further in regards to the extent of his journalistic reporting and unique takes on events.

For example, the subject most recently targeted by Oliver has been the Miss America scholarship program. He discovered that the program promises $42 million in scholarship funds, but does not give away all the money it promises. After Oliver and his team investigated, they found that in 2012, it was only registered that less than $500,000 was actually spent, and of that money, it only went to one contestant. He has also addressed issues with gender pay equality, anti-gay laws in Uganda and politics involving the World Cup.

Oliver not only has performed true, in-depth reporting on these issues, but as you’d expect, he also offers a comical take. He questions and calls out the ones he deems guilty, but does so in a satirical, hilarious stance.

All of this may be well and good, but what is really making noise is that Oliver is causing change. After his episode addressing the scholarship scandal, the pageant received $25,000 in two days.

Oliver has writers in both the New York times Magazine and ProPublica on his writing staff, so real-world journalist along with Oliver are taking on real-world topics of debate and adding a comic view which so far has proven to be a winning success.


2 thoughts on “Comedy star Oliver adds journalism to show

  1. Brance Armstrong says:

    I really enjoy shows like this. I think John Oliver brings up great points in his show and shows how ridiculous certain topics are with his use of satire. I also think he has a different platform than traditional news outlets because he can spend 15 minutes on a topic such as the Miss America Pageant. Oliver and his staff are able to decide what they feel are the most important social topics and then spend more time and energy investigating them than a traditional news source would be able to, which gives him (and others) a distinct advantage in enacting social change.


  2. xyattxorgan says:

    This guy is awesome! I still haven’t seen the show, but while camping this weekend a couple buddies went on and on about this show. They actually were giving the Miss American example in which you talked about in this article. I love that people are passionate enough to uncover truths that aren’t reaching the mainstream light. It is completely necessary and I think John Oliver is really doing everyone a service with his comedic, but honest news coverage.


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