Tweeting like Taco Bell

Taco Bell excels at more than providing cheap mexican food to tired college students at 1 a.m. Their PR department has also, in my opinion, been one of the best at managing their online reputation, especially among their target audience of twenty-somethings. As far back as I can remember, Taco Bell’s dominance of social media, more specifically, Twitter, came with the release of their breakfast menu a little less than a year ago.

The social media campaign that launched was everywhere. Various young celebrities were tweeting about getting “sneak peaks” at the new menu items, and Taco Bell kept very busy interacting with their online community. Outside of twitter, ad campaigns featuring “Ronald McDonald” praising their new breakfast became advertising equivalent of a sarcastic, witty teenager. I even remember their advertising campaign reaching as far as to inviting hundreds of youtube celebrities such as Epic Meal Time and Node to come to their LA headquarters, eat their new items, play Playstation 4 games, and film the entire experience to upload to their channel later.

This is only a small peak into what Taco Bell has been doing since, but their presence and interaction with customers on media outlets, even in the wake of them admitting they use less than quality beef products, proved to be one of the most successful advertising and public relations campaigns that I have ever seen.



5 thoughts on “Tweeting like Taco Bell

  1. Very interesting post! When Taco Bell released their breakfast menu my first thought was “oh my word that is disgusting!” Since then, the menu has gotten so much publicity but not for the taste of the food. Rather, it is getting publicity for the wittiness and relevance of their advertising. I always enjoy reading Taco Bell’s tweets because you normally don’t see a brand humorously interacting with their followers. Their social media presence is very impressive.


  2. This post shows a great example of social media. Taco Bell really does have the best social media presence, specifically on Twitter, of any company I can think of. I know for me, I don’t even like Taco Bell, but I follow them on Twitter. They have had countless interactions with celebrities, one of my favorites was with Drake Bell naming his first born Taco. Taco Bell really knows how to keep their audience and their followers engaged, It is great to see that this is transcending into every form of their advertisements with the “Ronald McDonald” commercials.


  3. Daniel Zepeda says:

    I’ve always heard about how awesome Taco Bell has been on social media. They are usually quick to respond. I like how they use humor in a lot of their tweets. Whether it is responding to a questions or concern, or just responding and having a normal conversation.


  4. kalitimmerman says:

    It’s not often that company pages respond back to the chit-chat about their products on Twitter. I think it was a smart idea for Taco Bell to lead the way regarding interaction with followers in social media whether it be for good, for bad, or for humor. I know from my own experiences that whenever I tag a company’s twitter handle in my tweets, I only get a response if the tweet is about something they did wrong. For example, I spend a lot of time on planes and when American Airlines delays and stalls on the runway for four hours, of course I’m going to tweet about it. They were very timely in their response and directed me to a site where I could get free upgrades for the inconvenience they caused me.


  5. brantlyh says:

    I love Taco Bell’s social media presence! They’re doing some great work. Have you noticed their presence on SnapChat too? They’re pretty active on that medium. They use the “Story” feature a lot. Recently, Taco Bell launched a new dollar menu. They asked their fans to send them snaps of a dollar and in response they would reveal one of the dollar menu items. It was very interactive and fun.


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