Pinteresting New Targeted Ads

Pinterest is now interested in making money off of you.

It’s not surprising that Pinterest, the crafty app for the basic girl, is following in Facebook and Twitter’s footsteps by allowing advertisements. This new change is re-shaping  news-feeds everywhere by bringing you Pins targeted at you, and paid for by brands.

I personally have been annoyed with the recent changes to the Pinterest interface in the past few months. First, the search bar changed, recommending related searches at the top of my search page. Then these awful things called “related posts” started hogging my news feed. The worst part about related posts is that they are often not just related, but are duplicate pins of something already on my current board. The idea of these related posts is to show me new content without having me search, but the interface obviously has a few kinks to work out.

Now, with the new advertising options,  Pinterest boards are becoming consumer data bases, used like cookie-tracking or Facebook’s “Custom Audience” tool for advertisers.

This is not a surprising development for the website, as targeted ads on Social Media platforms have been a thing since before I learned to drive a car. What is surprising is that Pinterest is going to give users an option in their settings to turn-off targeted ads. And for that, Pinterest, we thank you.

Be on the look out in the next few weeks for a new terms-of-service agreement on Pinterest that will allow for the use of targeted advertising.



4 thoughts on “Pinteresting New Targeted Ads

  1. As an avid Pinterest user and a positive proponent of it, I have to agree that I’ve been disappointed with Pinterest’s new additions. While I have actually had a lot of interest in the “related pins” that have been promoted to me, the idea of making Pinterest a communicative sort of social media was not why I wanted to stay apart of the Pinterest community. I also don’t want to be, like you said, “a consumer database”… I just want to be inspired by what I find. Pinterest should stay in its niche of top search quality website and stay far far away from making it a social site. Let the pins continue to be links to a more social forum but let the pins themselves just be creative pictures and ideas. Loved this Marci!


  2. I honestly like the changes that Pinterest has made recently. I have found many “related pins” that I really love. I really like to pin about sharks and design but none of the people I follow do. Related pins have given me lots of good information in those areas. However, I too have seen glitches in the system. I have had great success with the changes in Pinterest and the targeted ads on Facebook so I am excited for this change. I hope they can figure out how to fix the glitches soon so every one can enjoy it!


  3. rar11b says:

    I personally have been pretty annoyed by the recent changes as well. Though I do appreciate the cleaner look of my feed, I have absolutely no interest in many of the “related” pins. I think it would definitely benefit Pinterest to give users the option of adding a “related” tab versus just throwing it in. One thing I’ve learned in my time studying PR, it’s that consumers need the option. They hate being forced into doing anything which is why updates are often taken so roughly. Humans are creatures of habit and they don’t like change. I’m trying to embrace the new trend of advertisements targeted at me though, maybe Pinterest will do it in a way that doesn’t make it feel like my internet usage is being stalked.


  4. I don’t think I have sat down and thought about the things that Pinterest has been doing lately, but I have noticed the new search techniques and the added following (for search words). At first I was not cool with the change, but now I’ve come to enjoy it. I do not, however, like that they are now targeting users with advertisements. I guess if it has to happen, I’m glad it’s about things that I am interested in.
    It’s unfortunate that platforms are (more and more) advertising and taking up “viewing space” to do so, but I do understand. If we want the platform to be great, we have to put up with the advertising, because that’s how the people that make the platform great get paid with charging the users directly.
    All in all, I don’t think the new Pinterest changes are a complete annoyance, but I did love ad-free Pinterest for sure.


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