Apple has a rough week

Due to various poorly designed releases, Apple’s stock has decreased $23 Billion since the unveiling of the iPhone6. Starting with the automatic addition of U2’s new album and followed by the release of IOS8 and the iPhone6 bendgate catastrophe, Apple is currently doing their best to do damage control and try and regain the trust and confidence of their customers.

Adding U2 to the iCloud accounts of thousands of customers quickly taught Apple that their customers want a say in their account- whether a favor is being done or not. Many consumers were worried about their rights and terms of use and whether Apple had violated their personal privacy. Apple spent thousands of dollars and quickly added a “remove” option so that consumers were not forced to keep the U2 album if they didn’t want to.

IOS 8 received immediate negative response as it experienced several technical glitches and wouldn’t allow many consumers to make or receive phone calls. Apple quickly turned around another update to help with the issues but costumers are still experiencing problems with the updated technology.

Lastly, Bendgate. The “bigger and better” screen of the iPhone 6 Plus has been known to bend when placed in the pockets of consumers. Youtube videos proving these claims are now viral and it is unclear what Apple is going to do to resolve this issue.

More than anything, Apple is in need of serious PR help. Knowing Apple, they’ll find away to turn this failure of a week into something great but until then, I think I’ll keep my iPhone5.


2 thoughts on “Apple has a rough week

  1. Brance Armstrong says:

    While they may have lost stock I would be curious to see how much money they made from the sales of the iPhone 6. I feel like apple has finally become so prevalent that they are often judged by critics on a much tougher scale than other technology companies. I also think it shouldn’t be surprising that a device made of aluminum and that is as thin as the new iPhone will bend if you put it in your back pocket and sit all of your body weight on it for hours on end. After all these things aren’t made of titanium (even though they may be priced as such.)


  2. brantlyh says:

    I think Apple will be fine. Sure, they have some PR work to do, but they’ve had similar problems like this before and have always bounced back stronger than ever. When the iPhone 4 was released, the redesigned phone dropped many calls due to a new antenna placement. Lots of people complained about it. However, Apple gave free “bumper” cases to anyone who was having that problem and now no one talks about it. It certainly didn’t stop the iPhone 4 from flooding the market. Furthermore, I think the “bending iPhone” think has gotten a little out of hand. Lots of people are talking about it, but no one is saying that this hardware problem is exclusive to the larger iPhone 6 Plus and there have really only been 9 reports of bent phones. Apple will bounce back. They always do.


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