Smart Tweeting

As you’re probably aware due to your age, major, and enrollment in JMC 440, social media is a part of our every day lives. Major companies use it to interact with consumers and individuals use it to communicate all over the world. We have it on our phones, tablets, laptops, and sometimes even our televisions.

Due to social media’s constant presence in modern society some outlets, especially Twitter, have taken on a “stream of consciousness” style. While this has its place in social media, you can be ahead of the game by thinking about what you tweet. Especially as upperclassmen soon to be on the search for jobs, our social media can be seen by anyone at any time. If you consider what you post before you put it out there, this can save you a lot of grief in the future.

Due to my involvement with #lifeonthehill, an ACU marketing project, I have been especially mindful of this for the past few months. Here are my “Top Five Tips for Smart Tweeting” that I would recommend for any social media user.

  1. Think longevity. One-off tweets are great but tweets that contribute to a larger story are better. What have you been tweeting about recently and how does a new post fit in to that story line? By taking this small consideration you can create fluid stories on your Twitter account.
  2. Don’t over-share. Livetweeting has its place but you shouldn’t live tweet every moment of your day. There are always exceptions but 5-7 tweets a day is a good median. You have a life, but you don’t spend it staring at your phone!
  3. Tweet About the Industry. When employers look at your profile they want to see that you’re actually interested in the field you’re trying to break in to. Advertising major? Retweet Adweek. Multimedia major? Tweet a link to the latest YouTube sensation. This shows employers that you’re interested in the field and it keeps you in the loop.
  4. Interact with Brands. If you want to tweet about a product, @mention its Twitter handle! In addition to being a good practice, you will notice how these brands start to interact with you. Take note.
  5. Last but not Least: Think Twice. Emotional tweeting is always a bad idea. Swearing online isn’t smart either. Even tweeting about over-the-counter drugs is a questionable practice. Depending on the employer these things can send you to the bottom of the list. Think twice and think critically before you post. In addition to thinking about your content, be sure to proof-read for typos!

I would encourage you to think about these things next time you log on to Twitter. I’m talking to myself here too. These are things I try to implement in my own social media experience. Check out my page @bthouston11 and let me know how I measure up to my own advice.


3 thoughts on “Smart Tweeting

  1. Tommy says:

    I really like the idea of smart tweeting, especially for someone looking to enter a career in advertising or public relations. My favorite point is the not over sharing tip. I think we all know someone who always seems to be live tweeting their life.


  2. kalitimmerman says:

    Are all of these tips your own? If so, they are awesome! I like the idea of having a professional presence online and sometimes I forget about Twitter. In fact, I went through and did a cleanse of all my tweets not too long ago. I’ve realized that as a soon-to-be graduate that my presence online is important for future employers.


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