With the release of the new iPhone6 it’s no surprise that Apple has been the talk of the social media sphere. Well, really, Apple and its new mega-sized phones have been the talk of every business sphere, including the advertising one.

The ad industry is almost always a supporter of Apple products, mostly because the Apple advertising agency TBWA is considered a total powerhouse. It also can’t go without saying that the creation of some of the best ads have been because of Apple’s products and programs.

However this go around, Apple hasn’t had very smooth sailing after its product was released and sold to its first customers. As it turns out, the iOS 6 isn’t necessarily as “structurally sound” as its past models. In fact, its the first phone that has been known to “bend” if too much pressure is applied to it. So many people began talking about it that the hashtag #bendgate began trending.

As usual, the ad agency was drawn into the conversation when big brands began poking fun at Apple with the #bendgate. But it was KitKat, an unlikely contender in the “best bendgate joke competition”, that stole the show.

Their ad was creative and catchy and had Twitter blowing up with praises and “lols”. The picture (attached below) is followed by the caption “We don’t bend, we #break”. An interesting addition to the jab is that Nestle and Google have been in a recent co-branding relationship and the current version of Android is Kit Kat.

Funny how quickly the tides in social media can turn from praise to ridicule and how easily any brand can jump into an discussion no matter how seemingly far removed they are.



2 thoughts on “#Bendgate

  1. I think its interesting how simple both the Oreo and the Kit Kat ads are. They didn’t spend a lot of time on either of them but they were just perfectly timed. Like Dr. Smith said, they “had just the right comment at just the right moment.” I also think its interesting how Oreo has nothing to do with a Superbowl blackout and Kit Kat has nothing to do with the Apple iPhone. However, they found a way to make themselves relevant. They made themselves noticed in the middle of two social media storms. Great post!


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