Bring the blog to life

Monday is the first day of Week 1 of the blog project. You should write one post each week and make at least two comments on others’ posts each week for six weeks. The blog assignment is in the class info folder, so check details there.

Class will not meet on Monday. We’ll have another lightning round to earn a class contribution point. You should attend a Summit session on Monday or Tuesday (any time since our class period doesn’t coincide with any sessions). You have two options to get credit, and both are due by email by 2 p.m. Wednesday.

  • Live-tweet the session you attend. Twitter provides a guide for ideas about how to approach the task if you haven’t done it before. In fact, one of the guides is specifically about live-tweeting faith events. The official Summit hashtag is #ACUsummit. You should send at least 10 tweets during the session you attend. Compile them into a Storify and email me the link.
  • Write a one-page, double-spaced summary (and I mean a full one page, please. No need for anything except your name and the speaker’s name/session name at the top) about the session highlights. Send the Word doc to me as an email attachment.

We meet again as usual on Wednesday.


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