Twitter: timeline and Cards

One goal for today was to discuss how Twitter’s algorithm change would affect interaction costs. The change seems to be the beginnings of a breadth strategy that Piskorski said in late 2013 was missing. Users will have a better idea of the universe of relevant choices available to them.

Keep in mind that we agreed that Twitter did best at addressing breadth out of the four interaction costs. That strength is inherent in the platform, but it’s still incredible that Twitter has succeeded in this way without a visible strategy to enhance its effect.

In addition to breadth, the change should also ameliorate search costs. New users didn’t understand how or didn’t take the time to compile a good timeline by searching users, keywords, and hashtags. The algorithmic timeline will do some of the search for them, which in turn, should help improve communication.

Important ideas from today’s reading

The Krogue article had a number of good tips. It enforced the importance of strategy in some of the same ways we discussed for blogs, provided good advice about choosing keywords and hashtags for content, listed some excellent tools for managing Twitter (Topsy, Hootsuite, Buffer), and discussed ideal times and days to post.

Some of the examples you may have seen on Twitter for Business used Twitter Cards. Photos and videos in tweets have been shown to increase engagement and retweets by more than 50%. Twitter Cards can be placed in the code of your webpages to include photos or videos when other users share links to your site. They’re free and provide great analytics data, but they require a little HTML know-how.

Final instructions about the how-to presentation

  • Plan 4-5 min.
  • Your main objective is to walk through the process of completing your task. If your task takes a short time, you may use the rest of your time to discuss tips for using your task effectively or to provide interesting information about the social platform you’re addressing.
  • Limited time means that it would be best to avoid a PowerPoint or other slide presentation. If your presentation does require a presentation or additional files, have them available on a USB drive. There is no time to log into your email, Google Drive, or myACU to access files.
  • Everyone should be prepared to present on Friday. Presentations will be grouped by social platform, and we will do as many as possible that day.
  • You should plan to demonstrate your task on the teacher’s station iMac. We have an adapter available to project an iPad or iPhone if your presentation focuses on a mobile app.
  • Your presentation should have a comfortable flow that includes as much useful information about your task as possible. Your grade will be based on the quality of information presented and the quality of your presentation (flow, voice projection, posture, confidence, evidence of preparation).

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