Twitter’s interaction costs

Twitter, which provides information in 140-character bursts, has been around since 2006. We’ll focus today on on how it addresses interaction costs in breadth, display, search, and communication.

We’re studying Twitter at a time when the service is set to launch a significant change. Twitter started as a reverse chronological tweet stream of the people you follow. Then Twitter added ads and promoted tweets to the timeline. The latest definition of the timeline includes “other content that’s popular or relevant” that Twitter will add automatically. Let’s discuss how this changes the nature of the experience on Twitter and whether it addresses any of the categories of interaction costs.

Most users have not reacted positively to the announcement of the timeline change. Mashable did a good job of showing the business behind the change. A TechCrunch editor pointed out that even though savvy users appreciate the pure form of the timeline, the change may help hook new users and broaden the experience for all users.

We will continue the discussion of using Twitter effectively for organizations on Wednesday. Two online readings will help you prepare.


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