Blogging strategy

Successful blogs don’t grow from lots of individually good posts. They grow from clear strategies executed in effective tactics. The take-away from class today is the difference between strategies and tactics and the major ones listed for each.

Major strategic considerations include:

Major tactical considerations include:

  • Deciding who’s in charge of producing content. Involving everyone in the organization spreads the burden and diversifies content, but the extra work may frustrate staff or volunteers and lead to inconsistent tone and voice. Outsourcing the work is cheap and convenient but may dilute branding and content quality.
  • Taking each of the core categories that you choose and developing pillar articles about each with many supporting, interlinked posts around it.

A clear strategy and content that meets pre-defined goals makes a successful blog. Good bloggers always keep readers’ needs at the top of mind and position their social content to meet those needs.


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