Good blogs to follow

Blogs are a great place to keep up with industry news, learn who the major voices in your specialty are, and get tips and inspiration.

They’re great in preparation for job-hunting because you’ll be surprised at by the number of times you’ll hear an interview question like:

  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read lately?
  • Tell us what you think the most exciting development in this field is.
  • What’s a useful technique you’ve picked up lately that makes your work easier?

Those questions are a measure of how engaged and invested you are in the field. Employers want to see motivation and your ability to teach yourself. The need to keep up only intensifies when you’re an employed professional.

Following a blog or similar site doesn’t mean adding an hour of reading every day. Get an RSS reader app like Feedly or Feeddler, add the sites you want to follow, and spend a few minutes each day scrolling through the headlines. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest information and choose to read what’s most interesting to you.

Lots of people have best-blog lists, and the ones I’ve compiled aren’t exhaustive. They’re just a starting place for several media industries.

Advertising and marketing

Cinematography and video production

Public relations

Web design/Design

Your job by Friday is to start following at least three blogs using whatever technical method works best for your current media use. They may be blogs straight from my list, or you may choose others. They should all be generally related (two advertising and one PR would be OK, but don’t do one cinematography, one PR, and one Web design). You don’t need to submit anything to me to prove that you’ve done this; the assignment is for the sake of your own currency and to provide ideas for your blog posts for the class.


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