STEPPS toward contagious content

We can share a lot of information and attitudes through word of mouth, but Chapter 4 of Contagious makes the point that “most products, ideas, and behaviors are consumed privately.” We make the private public with behavioral residue, which is an artifact that displays an act that might otherwise be invisible.

The book mentions Livestrong bracelets, “I voted” stickers, and giveaway items with a logo as examples of behavioral residue. Think about the last few things you bought online. Did the page confirming your order included a link to post about your purchase on Facebook or Twitter? That’s behavioral residue on social media. Same thing for posting video of your ice bucket challenge or a link to your results on an online quiz.

Why is behavioral residue important? It’s social proof, which is the idea that we will do what others do. This concept contributes to contagious content.

Important take-aways from class today:

  • Social proof and behavioral residue
  • Prospect theory

Upcoming matters of class interest

Your ideas for the how-to presentation are due today by the beginning of class. The Twitter scavenger hunt assignment is posted in the class info folder. You may not begin working on it until after class Wednesday, but you should look at it to start making your plan.

Twitter Analytics open for all users

If you have a Twitter account, you’re now eligible to use Twitter Analytics. Simply visit the site,  and analytics will be available for all tweets you make from that point forward. Twitter launched its dashboard this summer for advertisers and verified users, and as of Aug. 27, it’s open for all users.


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